After talking to my friend (who quit the FB) from France, Some lines stuck in my mind from our conversation.

He said "Now do you think I will invent my own job title or something unique position in media or in wast community of internet!?, or start video blog.

Or the tutorial on some website .


In this world of relentless self-promotion, we all be raised as limelight is the only light worth seeking.

Why don't we build a better world like Tesla or Elon musk? or Budda, make the world better place rather than worship fame and money."

so after an hour, I do found them true. He went on building internet connections for remote locations and off-grid place to stay.

Some big corporations making the world unhealthy and harvesting people for their profit. Denaying the right to repair making electronics end up in landfill, not setting up the recycling of plastic, Li-ion battery more e-waste & pollution.

And some GOV regulation body doesn't care about the pollution caused by manufactures.

Millennials want to make money fast and get fame. Few do making difference by making a better world with hard work, contribution to Opensource. 

Funny we grow up with the internet we know how it works, the fame will not feed you once you fall from the top slab.

In the urge of going viral people are losing the their own value. I do agree social media promotion is good but making the promotion for the right cause will be better rather than some prepared content with few facts and more lies to get money.

Remember Karma will not be negated by prayer or offering. She will hunt you for doing bad and protect you for doing good. 

Be more conscious and make a better choice not only for you for other species also.


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