A year before when I was working in IoT for a pet food maker, my friend showed me a video mentioning a young person with a lot of achievement. The person was on TV, Youtube, Twitter, and giving speeches in big educational entities.
First I was amazed by the way he is speaking but slowly things are not adding up. when you know basic of some field, at starting you will convince yourself that person might have done this or that. But you start yo look into details you will be like "What.....", "well that's not going to work", "Oh Really this is one in million miracle only happening to this guy ?" and slowly you start to comment on videos of new channel where your comments are disliked or reported. slowly you see others also start to make comment.
later social media, TV channels, and others make him super popular, give him more prime time to gain more TRP. you will know this s#$t gonna blow soon and It happened in mid of COVID-19.
Now every one taking U-Turn all posting more news about the person trying to catch hold on that person. People who donated money screaming .... what an epic drama. so before making someone popular you didn't been made a background check? so-called news channels make sting operations but fails to do a basic background check.

What he did he kept making tail long with confidence and they believed

well, want to know more?
search "drone Pratap" on youtube you will have a ton of info.


So-called limelight can make a person big or destroy his job and personal life. But Imagine this much time and resource could have made a real achievement more popular and make a more positive impact on society. An old saying from Bengali "Limelight is dumb as much as the person using it" Remember the Theranos

This is also the same just with a small amount of celebrity exposure to this person brought more contact with big-name, new, media, etc. At the end left with a lot of valuable air time to be hated, made fun of, roast videos, and so on.
But this same news channels and social media also forget to restore the damage they have done to people like Utsav Chakraborty->, where media took all its might on him with #meToo flood. Where when he came back with proof some deleted account some simply chained the phone number. And media took a blind eye and went on about politicians. Wish karma had an office where you can verify person scores like a credit score. Oh, now there are banks who can add credit scores you know if you have special privileges. But it's only for big peoples and their bloodline, or you must have money, a lot of it.

Hope people will be more careful next time when they post on social media.
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